Man pages for malekbs/UP
What the package does (short line)

aggregationCreate a kriging adapter class for the objects codekm of...
analytical_functionanalytical functions
custom_fitCreate a fitness class with 'custom_fit'
gaGenetic Algorithm to select best metamodel 'ga'
inverse_critTMSE criteria
krigingsmCreate a kriging adapter class for the objects codekm of...
MSEMean Square Error 'MSE'
penlrmCreate a penalty class with 'penlrm'
plotContour2Dcontour plot of a function
plotUP1DPost Processing and plot of the prediction and the UP...
ref_critRefinement criteria
Resampling_ErrorResampling Error 'Resampling_Error'
RwrapperTraditional R calls
svmsmCreate a support vector machine (svm) adapter class for the...
UPUP: Universal Prediction Distribution
UPClassA UPClass is a class the contains a resampling technique and...
upegoUniversal Prediction distribution based Efficient Global...
UPEIUniversal Prediction Expected Improvement UP-EI criteria
UPSMUPSM is a class for universal distribution of a surrogate...
upsurfaceAdapter for UP surface
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