Man pages for manubio13/rangemap
A package for construction of simple species distributional ranges

adm_area_namesList of names of administrative areas form the GADM data base
country_codesList of country names and ISO codes
isnestedHelper function to test if lists are nested.
north_arrowNorth arrow for map plots
rangemaprangemap: An R package for construction of simple species...
rangemap_boundSpecies distributional ranges based on administrative areas
rangemap_buffSpecies distributional ranges based on buffered occurrences
rangemap_enmSpecies distributional ranges based on ecological niche...
rangemap_exploreExploring occurrences before creating range maps
rangemap_figFigures of species range maps
rangemap_hullSpecies distributional ranges based on distinct hull polygons
rangemap_tsaSpecies distributional ranges based on trend surface analyses
ranges_emapsSpecies ranges on maps of environmental factors
ranges_espaceComparison of species ranges in environmental space
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