Man pages for manuelreif/svyPVpack
A package for complex surveys including plausible values

svy_example1Simulated survey design
svyPVbenchmarkEstimate the proportion below and above a bechmark
svyPVcorSurvey-weighted Correlation Estimation with uasge of...
svyPVetaSurvey-weighted estimation of the eta coefficient with uasge...
svyPVglmSurvey-weighted generalised linear models with uasge of...
svyPVlevelProportion in levels estimation
svyPVpack-packageUse survey designs including plausible values
svyPVpmMean and proportion estimation
svyPVprobProportion estimation
svyPVquantileQuantile estimation
svyPVttestComputation of a t-test for data from a complex survey design...
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