Man pages for markrobinsonuzh/DAMEfinder
Finds DAMEs - Differential Allelicly MEthylated regions

calc_asmCalculate ASM Score
calc_derivedasmCalculate SNP-based ASM
calc_logoddsCalculate the log odds ratio
calc_scoreCalculate score
calc_weightCalculate Weight for ASM Score
DAMEfinderDAMEfinder: Method to detect allele-specific methylation...
dame_trackPlot score tracks
dame_track_meanPlot means per group of score tracks.
empirical_pvalCalculate empirical region-level p-value
extract_bamsDetect allele-specific methylation from a bam file
extractbams_outputextract_bams() output.
find_damesFind DAMEs
getMDMDtag parser
get_tstatsGet t-Statistics
methyl_circle_plotDraw methylation circle plot
methyl_circle_plotCpGDraw methylation circle plot without SNP
methyl_MDS_plotMultidimensional scaling plot of distances between...
modulus_sqrtGet Modulus Square Root
read_tuplesRead in list of methtuple files
readtuples_outputread_tuples() output.
simes_pvalCalculate region-level p-value
splitReadsDivide read names by allele
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