Man pages for martindurocher/floodRFA
A R-package for regional frequency of floods

adGpaTableAnderson-Darling (AD) test for the Generalized Pareto...
adTestAnderson-Daring goodness-of-fit test
adTestPlotThreshold diagnostic using the Anderson Darling test
as.uniformUniform sample
atSiteAt-site analysis
canadaFloodList containing information the following
corModelCorelation model
DecimalDayConvert the day of the year in decimal value
dispIndexDispersion index
distEuclidEuclidean distance
ExtractAmax.formulaExtract the Annual maximum of daily time series
fitCorModelFitting a correlation model by least-squares
FitGevFit Generalized extreme value (GEV) distribution
FitLmomEstimate distribution parameters from a matrix of L-moment
fitPotPeak over threshold (POT)
FitRidgePerform ridge regression
floodVarsDatasets containaing simulations data
fpot1dEstimation of the GPA distribution by maximum likelihood.
gamKrigePrediction at new location using kriging and GAM trend.
goptimizeOne Dimensional Optimization
helloHello, World!
ImportFromFileLoad R data into a list
interp2dInterpolation of a table
is.leapyearLeap Year
julianPlotScatter Plot on the unit polar space
kfoldK-fold Cross-validation
ldiagL-moment ratio diagram
lmFloodLinear model with observational errors
lminLocal extremums
logitLogit function
mannKendallMann-Kendall test for trend
mapCanDraw maps of Canada
maqFlood quantile estimation by model averaging
MKendallMann-Kendall test for trend using block bootstrap
mrlPlotDiagnostic tools for peaks over threshold analysis
nearestNearest sites
nnKrigePrediction at new location using neural network and modeling...
pairwiseOrganizing paired observation
par2aicAikaike Information Criterion
pgpaGeneralized Pareto distribution (GPA)
pivotAtSitePivot at-site data
plot.atSiteVarious plot of the at-site analysis of a time series
plot.roiGlsUtility functions for roiGls
poolGrpPerform regional frequency analysis using L-moments on...
pot2paraParameter object for Peak Over Threshold (POT)
prangePointwise bound
predict.atSitePredict at-site return levels
predict.FitGevPredict return levels
r2zFisher r-to-z transformation
rankitCompute uniform observation based on ranks
rfaRegional Frequency analysis
rfaRegFitFit a regional growth curve
rho2thetaRelation in elliptical copula family
ridge2EdfPerforming ridge regression in GLS flood framework
ridgeFloodPerforming ridge regression in GLS flood framework
roiGetManaging list of roiGls object
roiGlsPerform frequency analysis of a target site using Region of...
roiKrigePrediction at new location using local regression and...
roiPlotPlot and summary diagnostic of ROI-GLS calibration
roiUpdateUpdate a ROI-GLS model
SeasonStatSeasonal statistics for peaks
shapiroTestModified Shapiro-Wilk test
simAtSiteSimulation of at-site data
trendLogisPPYPerforming logistic regression to test for trend in number of...
ungaugedDemoDataDemo data for ungauged analysis
which.floodPeaksExtracting flood peaks
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