Man pages for martindurocher/floodRFA
A R-package for regional frequency of floods

adGpaTableAnderson-Darling (AD) test for the Generalized Pareto...
adjacentProvAdjacent province in Canada
adTestAnderson-Daring goodness-of-fit test
adTestPlotThreshold diagnostic using the Anderson Darling test
as.uniformUniform sample
atSiteAt-site analysis
blockSampleSampling time series by block
canadaFloodList containing information the following
corModelCorelation model
dispIndexDispersion index
distEuclidEuclidean distance
fitCorModelFitting a correlation model by least-squares
fitPotPeak over threshold (POT)
fpot1dEstimation of the GPA distribution by maximum likelihood.
goptimizeOne Dimensional Optimization
helloHello, World!
interp2dInterpolation of a table
julianPlotScatter Plot on the unit polar space
ldiagL-moment ratio diagram
lmFloodLinear model with observational errors
lminLocal extremums
logitLogit function
mannKendallMann-Kendall test for trend
mapCanDraw maps of Canada
mrlPlotDiagnostic tools for peaks over threshold analysis
pairwiseOrganizing paired observation
par2aicAikaike Information Criterion
pgpaGeneralized Pareto distribution (GPA)
pivotAtSitePivot at-site data
plot.atSiteVarious plot of the at-site analysis of a time series
plot.roiGlsUtility functions for roiGls
pot2parParameter object for Peak Over Threshold (POT)
prangePointwise bound
predict.atSitePredict at-site return levels
r2zFisher r-to-z transformation
rankitCompute uniform observation based on ranks
rfaRegional Frequency analysis of a regions (Unfinished DRAFT)
rho2thetaRelation in elliptical copula family
ridge2EdfPerforming ridge regression in GLS flood framework
roiGetManaging list of roiGls object
roiGlsPerform frequency analysis of a target site using Region of...
roiPlotPlot and summary diagnostic of ROI-GLS calibration
roiUpdateUpdate a ROI-GLS model
shapiroTestModified Shapiro-Wilk test
simAtSiteSimulation of at-site data
trendLogisPPYPerforming logistic regression to test for trend in number of...
ungaugedDemoDataDemo data for ungauged analysis
which.floodPeaksExtracting flood peaks
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