Man pages for mastoffel/inbreedR
Analysing Inbreeding Based on Genetic Markers

bodyweightOldfield mouse bodyweight data
check_dataChecks the data for consistency with the inbreedR working...
convert_rawGenotype format converter
g2_microsatsEstimating g2 from microsatellite data
g2_snpsEstimating g2 from larger datasets, such as SNPs
HHCCalculates heterzygosity-heterozygosity correlations with...
inbreedRinbreedR: Workflows for analysing variance in inbreeding and...
MLHCalculate multilocus heterozygosity (MLH)
mouse_msatsOldfield mouse microsatellite data
mouse_snpsOldfield mouse SNP data
plot.inbreedPlot an inbreed object
print.inbreedPrint an inbreed object
r2_hfExpected r2 between standardized multilocus heterozygosity...
r2_WfExpected r2 between inbreeding level (f) and fitness (W)
simulate_g2Simulate g2
simulate_r2_hfCalculates the expected squared correlation between...
sMLHCalculate multilocus heterozygosity (MLH)
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