Man pages for matthiasheinig/eQTLpipeline
A package to facilitate the full pipeline of cis eQTL analysis

eqtlbasic eQTL interface
eqtl.min.pbasic eQTL interface
eQTLpipelinefull pipeline of eQTL analysis including permutations on HPC...
eqtl.runbasic eQTL interface
find.eGenesidentification of eGenes
find.eSNPsidentification of eSNPs
get.egenes.from.esnpsGet egenes from a esnp table
get.peer.factorsEstimate latent factors using the PEER method
myWaitForJobsbasic eQTL interface
normalize.quantileQuantile normalization
qquniformQuantile - quantile plot against the uniform distribution
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