Man pages for mbask/treecm
Centre of Mass Assessment and Consolidation of Trees

allometryABDCReturns the fresh weight of a stone pine branch
allometryAsca2011Returns the fresh weight of a stone pine branch
allometryCutini2009Returns the biomass of a stone pine tree
allometryPorte2002Returns the biomass of a maritime pine branch
anchorRangeMin/max values for the anchor position along the stem
branchSRCompute the slenderness ratio
buildMomentObjectConstructor for the generic class moment
buildTreeMomentObjectConstructor for the generic class treeMoment
calcMomentComputes moment and returns the moment object
centreOfMassComputes the centre of mass of the tree
centreOfMassAngleReturns the angle between CM modulus and the tree weight...
centreOfMassModulusComputes the modulus of the CM vector
DstGreen wood density data for a few tree species
getCoordinatesAndMomentReturns the coordinates of centre of mass of branches and...
getMomentReturns the moment
getPlinthForceComputes the force on the plinth on the ground
importFieldDataImports field data from csv file
logBiomassEstimates the wood biomass of logs and truncated branches
logPathSelectionReturns tree logs and branches being part of the "main stem"
plot.CMPlots tree CM
plotPolarSegmentPlots a segment
plot.SRPlots slenderness ratio of branches
plot.vectorPlots branches and logs
powerEquationReturns the result of an exponential equation
print.CMSimple print of Centre of Mass data
pureQuadraticEquationReturns the result of a pure quadratic equation
setBranchesCMStores branches CM in an object
stonePine1FieldDataRaw CSV file of field recorded values for a stone pine tree
stonePine1TreeDataField recorded values for a stone pine tree
stonePine2FieldDataRaw CSV file of field recorded values for a stone pine tree
summary.CMSummary of Centre of Mass data
toCartesianXYComputes the x,y cartesian coordinates
toCartesianXYZReturns vector cartesian coordinates
toPolarConverts cartesian (x, y) into polar (angle, distance)...
treeBiomassComputes masses of branches and logs
treecm-packageAssessment of the position of the centre of mass of trees
treeSRComputes slenderness ratio for tree branches
treeTotalBiomassReturns the total biomass of the tree
treeVectorsComputes cartesian coordinates and moments of branches and...
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