Man pages for mc30/wasp
Wavelet Analysis for Spatial Patterns

calculatePhaseDiffCalculate phase differences from phase matrix
calculateWaveletSpectrumCalculate wavelet spectra and phase angle matrix for time...
correctPhaseCorrect phase angles
createPhaseMatrixCreate a matrix of phase angles
createPowerLinesCreate power lines
createSlidingPhaseMatrixCalculate average phase angles
getColorsFromNumbersGet colors for numeric vector values
getPeaksMatrixGet matrix of peaks
plotAnnualCurvesPlot annual curves
plotAveragePhaseLagPlot mean phase lags averaged over time
plotMeanPeakTimingPlot mean peak timing
plotMeanPhaseLagOverTimePlot mean phase lags from other locations
plotMedianPhaseLagPlot median phase lags averaged over time
plotPowerLinesPlot power lines
plotWaveletClusterDendrogramPlot wavelet cluster dendrogram
plotWaveletGraphPlot wavelet spectrum summary graph
plotWaveletSpectrumPlot wavelet spectrum
waveletClusteringPerform wavelet clustering
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