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Miscellaneous functions mostly inspired by synthwave

addinsRstudio addins
brms_SummaryTableSummarize brms-fit objects
colorgoricalCreate a colorgorical palette
combn_2_colCombinations to columns
create_adjacencyCreate an adjacency matrix, or convert one to an edgelist
create_corrCreate a covariance/correlation matrix
create_paletteCreate a color palette
create_prediction_dataGenerate prediction data
describe_alldescribe_all Describe your data cleanly and effectively
lower_triReturn a triangular matrix
num_bySummarize data
num_summaryGet numerical summaries
onehotOne-hot encoding
pairwisePairwise operations
palettesCommonly used palettes
sum_NAInvestigate missingness
theme_trueMinimalClean visualizations
update_github_pkgsUpdate GitHub packages.
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