Man pages for mcrucifix/pleistocene
Datasets of glacial cycles (ice and ocean)

bintanja05bintanja05 palaeoclimate recontsruction
edcCH4EPICA Dome C - 800KYr Methane Data
edcCO2EPICA Dome C Ice Core 800KYr Carbon Dioxide Data
edcDeutEPICA Dome C - 800KYr edcDeuterium Data and Temperature...
edcDustEPICA Dome C - 800KYr edcDust Data
Huy04Averaged delta18O records on the depth-derived age-model
LR04LR04 Benthic Stack
ODP1012Marine core ODP1012
ODP1089Marine core ODP1089
ODP1090Marine core ODP1090
ODP1143Marine core ODP1143
ODP607Marine core ODP607
ODP658Benthic isotopes of marine core ODP658
ODP677Marine core ODP677
ODP846Marine core ODP846
ODP925Marine record ODP925
ODP927Marine record ODP927
ODP980ODP Site 980 Benthic Stable Isotope Data
ODP982ODP Site 982 Benthic Stable Isotope Data
SPECMAPSPECMAP dataset of delta18O
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