Man pages for mdlincoln/dutchtabletops
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Tabletop Still Lifes

comp_varsCompositional variable names
cross_named_listsCross two named lists, preserving names
dt_artist_attributesArtist Attributes
dt_compiledCompiled model data
dt_motif_labelsDutch tabletop motif labels
dt_motif_taxonomyMotif Taxonomy
dt_painting_artistArtist-Painting relationships
dt_painting_motifsDATASET TITLE
dt_paintingsDutch Tabletop Paintings
error_onlyExtract error dataframe from randomForest model
motif_varsVector of motif variable names
pca_loadings_dfCalculate local variable loadings
pca_obs_dfReturn observation locations in PCA space
pca_rfCreate a PCA of local importance measures from a random...
prep_varsPrepare data frames for model building and prediction
rf_contested_obsIdentify the most contested observations in random forest...
rf_effectsPlot effects of certain variables on the predicitons of a...
rf_local_importanceLocal Importance as a data frame
rf_votesExtract votes dataframe from randomForest model
run_rfRun a randomForest model with helpful defaults for this...
test_confusionBuild a confusion data frame for the test component of a...
test_errorGet test error
theme_errorError plot ggplot defaults
top_n_importanceThe top n most important terms for a class
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