Man pages for meghapadi/ALPACA

alpacaMain ALPACA function
CommunityStructureRotationComparing node community membership between two networks
computeDWBMmat.mscaleDifferential modularity matrix
computeWBMmatCompute modularity matrix for weighted bipartite network
DeltaZAnalysisEdge subtraction method (CONDOR optimizaton)
DeltaZAnalysis.LouvainEdge subtraction method (Louvain optimizaton)
ExtractTopGenesExtract core target genes in differential modules
genlouvainGeneralized Louvain optimization top GO term associated genes in each module GO terms to gene symbols term enrichment for a list of gene sets
metanetworkCreate metanetwork for Louvain optimization tags from gene names
RotationAnalysisCommunity comparison method (CONDOR optimizaton)
RotationAnalysis.LouvainCommunity comparison method (CONDOR optimizaton)
simulateNetworkSimulated networks
TestNodeRankEnrichment in ranked list
tidyconfigRenumbering community membership vector gene identifiers to gene symbols
WBM.louvainGeneralized Louvain method for bipartite networks
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