Man pages for mhahsler/seriation
Infrastructure for Ordering Objects Using Seriation

bertinplotPlot a Bertin Matrix
Chameleon2D Data Sets used for the CHAMELEON Clustering Algorithm
colDifferent Useful Color Palettes
criterionCriterion for a Loss/Merit Function for Data Given a...
criterion_methodsRegistry for Criterion Methods
dataCreate Simulated Data for Seriation Evaluation
dissimilarityDissimilarities and Correlations Between Seriation Orders
dissplotDissimilarity Plot
get_orderExtracting Order Information from a Permutation Object
hmapPlot Heat Map Reordered Using Seriation
IrishIrish Referendum Data Set
MunsingenHodson's Munsingen Data Set
permutationClass ser_permutation - A Collection of Permutation Vectors...
permutation_matrixConversion Between Permutation Vector and Permutation Matrix
permutation_vectorClass ser_permutation_vector - A Single Permutation Vector...
permutePermute the Order in Various Objects
pimagePermutation Image Plot
Psych24Results of 24 Psychological Test for 8th Grade Students
register_DendSerRegister Seriation Methods from Package DendSer
register_GARegister a Genetic Algorithm Seriation Method
reorder_hclustReorder Dendrograms using Optimal Leaf Ordering
robinsonCreate and Recognize Robinson and Pre-Robinson Matrices
seriateSeriate Dissimilarity Matrices, Matrices or Arrays
seriation_methodsRegistry for Seriation Methods
SupremeCourtVoting Patterns in the Second Rehnquist U.S. Supreme Court
TownshipsBertin's Characteristics of Townships
uniscaleUnidimensional Scaling from Seriation Results
VATVisual Analysis for Cluster Tendency Assessment (VAT/iVAT)
WoodGene Expression Data for Wood Formation in Poplar Trees
ZooZoo Data Set
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