Man pages for mhahsler/stream
Infrastructure for Data Stream Mining

animationAnimates the plotting of a DSD and the clustering process
DSCData Stream Clusterer Base Classes
DSC_BICOBICO - Fast computation of k-means coresets in a data stream
DSC_BIRCHBalanced Iterative Reducing Clustering using Hierarchies
DSC_DBSCANDBSCAN Macro-clusterer
DSC_DBSTREAMDBSTREAM clustering algorithm
DSC_DStreamD-Stream Data Stream Clustering Algorithm
DSC_EAEvolutionary Algorithm
DSC_evoStreamevoStream - Evolutionary Stream Clustering
DSC_HierarchicalHierarchical Micro-Cluster Reclusterer
DSC_KmeansKmeans Macro-clusterer
DSClassifyAbstract Class for Data Stream Classifiers
DSC_MacroAbstract Class for Macro Clusterers
DSC_MicroAbstract Class for Micro Clusterers
DSC_ReachabilityReachability Micro-Cluster Reclusterer
DSC_SampleExtract a Fixed-size Sample from a Data Stream
DSC_StaticCreate as Static Copy of a Clustering
DSC_TwoStageTwoStage Clustering Process
DSC_WindowA sliding window from a Data Stream
DSDData Stream Data Generator Base Classes
DSD_BarsAndGaussiansData Stream Generator for Bars and Gaussians
DSD_BenchmarkData Stream Generator for Benchmark Data
DSD_CubesStatic Cubes Data Stream Generator
DSD_GaussiansMixture of Gaussians Data Stream Generator
DSD_MemoryA Data Stream Interface for Data Stored in Memory
DSD_MGDSD Moving Generator
DSD_mlbenchDataStream Interface for Data Sets From mlbench
DSD_mlbenchGeneratormlbench Data Stream Generator
DSD_ReadCSVRead a Data Stream from File
DSD_ReadDBRead a Data Stream from an open DB Query
DSD_ScaleStreamScale a Stream from a DSD
DSD_TargetTarget Data Stream Generator
DSD_UniformNoiseUniform Noise Data Stream Generator
DSFPAbstract Class for Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithms for...
DSOData Stream Operator Base Classes
DSO_SamplingSampling from a Data Stream (Data Stream Operator)
DSO_WindowSliding Window (Data Stream Operator)
DSTAbstract Base Class for All Data Stream Mining Tasks
evaluateEvaluate Clusterings
get_assignmentAssignment Data Points to Clusters
get_centersGet Cluster Centers from a DSC
get_copyCreate a Deep Copy of a DSC Object
get_pointsGet Points from a Data Stream Generator
get_weightsGet Cluster Weights
MGCMoving Generator Cluster
microToMacroTranslate Micro-cluster IDs to Macro-cluster IDs
plotPlotting Data Stream Data and Clusterings
prune_clustersPrune Clusters from a Clustering
reclusterRe-clustering micro-clusters
reset_streamReset a Data Stream to its Beginning
saveSave and Read DSC Objects
updateUpdate a Data Stream Clustering Model
write_streamWrite a Data Stream to a File
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