Man pages for mikelove/rnaseqDTU
RNA-seq workflow for differential transcript usage following Salmon quantification

ctsEstimated Salmon counts (6 vs 6)
dge.genesGenes with differential gene expression
dispsTranscript-level dispersion parameter
dte.genesGenes with differential transcript expression
dtu.genesGenes with differential transcript usage
dxrDEXSeq transcript-level results
dxr.gDEXSeq gene-level results
fold_changesSimulation fold changes
frag_GC_biasFragment GC bias
iso.dgeIsoforms in the genes with DGE
iso.dteIsoforms with DTE
iso.dte.onlyIsoforms with DTE and not DTU
iso.dtuIsoforms with DTU
resDRIMSeq gene-level results
res.txpDRIMSeq transcript-level results
sim_countsSimulated counts for group 1
sim.counts.matSimulated counts
tpmsSimulated abundances
txdfTranscript-to-gene data.frame
txi.gGene-level tximport object
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