Man pages for miquelcaceres/IFNdyn
IFN tree dynamics and sylviculture

basalAreaBasal area
defaultDemandDefault management planning
defaultGrowthParamsModel parameters
dominantHeightDominant height
drawStandDynamicsDraws dynamics of stand-level properties
drawSubmodelEffectsDraw submodel effects
exampleTreeDataExample datasets
hartBeckingIndexHart-Becking index
IFN3dataIFN data included in the package
IFNbiomassBiomass models
IFNdynamicsDynamic model and components
IFNmanagementManagement module
IFNscenarioIFN scenario simulation engine
IFNvolumeVolumetric models
mergeScenariosMerge scenario results
prepareTreeCompetitionTablePrepares variables for model input
speciesNamesTranslate IFN species codes to names
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