dsr: Calculate directly standardized rate

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Calculate a directly standardised rate with confidence interval based on a specified method.


dsr(x, n, w, ci.method = c("asymptotic", "moments", "gamma", "beta",
  "bootstrap"), level = 0.95, mult = 1000, ...)



a vector of strata-specific counts


a vector of strata-specific time bases for counts


a vector of strata-specific weights (or standard populations)


method used to calculate the confidence interval. See details


the confidence level required


a factor to multiply the estimate to give rates per mult


Further arguments passed to the confidence interval function.


Five groupds of methods can be specified using 'ci.method', with variations on each depending on the method. five groups are:

'asymptotic' Using the normal approximation of the MLE distribution (or transformed MLE distribution). See ci.asymptotic for more details and the currently implemented transformations.
'moments' Moment matching based on Dobson et al (1991). A variety methods for constructing the confidence interval on the unweighted sum of x. - See ci.moments for more details.
'gamma' Based on the gamma distribution (Fay & Feuer 1997). See ci.gamma for more details and modifications implemented.
'beta' Based on the beta distribution as proposed by Tiwari et al (2006). See ci.beta for details and the modifications implemented.
'bootstrap' Appromiximate Bootstrap Confidence proposed by Swift (1995).


dsr returns an object of class "dsr" . The function confint is used to return a confidence interval using a specified method

An object of class "dsr" is a list containing the following components:

estimate the estimate of the directly standardised rate
lower lower bound of the confidence interval
upper upper bound of the confidence interval
level the level of confidence
ci.method method used to calcalate the confidence interval
method.arg additional argument passed to ci method function
call the matched call
mult The multiplicative factor to scale the final estimate
strata number of strata or summands


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