Man pages for mobilizingcs/mobilizr
Functions for the Mobilize Introduction to Data Science course.

add_curveAdd a fitted linear model to a plot
add_lineAdd a line to an 'xyplot'
arm_spanArm Span and Height Data
atu_cleanAmerican Time Use Survey Sample - Clean
atu_dirtyAmerican Time Use Survey Sample - Dirty
atusAmerican Time Use Survey
atus_formatCleans and formats data from the Time Use campaign.
bargraphBargraph Plots
bwplotBox and Whisker Plot
colorizeAdd colors by category
dataLoad built-in datasets.
dwp_2010LA Department of Water and Power (2010)
dwp_studentLA Department of Water and Power (2010) - Student
dwp_teacherLA Department of Water and Power (2010) - Teacher
futbolFutbol Data Set
headPrint first six observations.
histogramHistogram Plots
iqrNumerical Summary Functions
kclusters_simpleSimple k-Means for 2 variable clustering
make_mapMake a map of points
movieMovie Data Set
polyCompute Polynomial fits of variables
read.csvReads comma-seperated value data files into R.
rflipCoin flip.
roll_dieBiased Dice Experiment
slasherSurvival status of actors and actresses in "Slasher" films
stopwatchTime Perception Stopwatch
tailPrint last six observations.
timeuse_formatCleans and formats data from the Time Use campaign.
titanicTitanic passenger data
titanic_testTitanic Passenger Survivial Test Data
treeCreate a Tree-based Model
treeplotTree Plot for Tree-based Models
xyplotScatter Plots
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