Man pages for moosik/snorm
Supporting function for supervised exploration of data structure

anovaDFANOVA overall P value for a linear model
carefulChisqCalculate Chi-square test between two variables, catch errors...
carefulLMCalculate P value for F test from the anova table, catch...
eigenVariableAssociation of eigen vectors with variables
eigenVariablePlotPlot an eigenvector vs a variable
fsCalculate an SVD on a matrix
gostatsObtain Gene Ontology (GO) results for a gene list
matrixOutliersPlots data outliers based on first eigen vector
pcScatterCreate a scatter plot between two eigen vectors colored by a...
plotVariancePlot percent variance explained
snormsnorm: Collection of functions to aid data exploration prior...
summaryTableSummarize each column of a data frame
testDecisionTreeDecide what correlation test to perform and obtain statistics
variablesRelationCalculate all pairwise variable relations
variableSummarySingle variable summary for the metadata
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