Man pages for morphr/morphr
Shape analysis

build_tpca_model_from_meanBuild TPCA model from mean shape
compute_covarianceCompute covariance of a set of tangent vectors...
curve_lengthCompute curve length
curve_to_qConvert coordinate curve to the q function
form_basis_dForms the basis for the tangent space of diffeomorphisms This...
form_basis_l2_r3Form the Schauder basis for the tangent space L2(R3)
form_basis_of_tangent_space_of_s_at_qForm the tangent space basis (T_q(S)) of the quotient space S...
form_basis_o_qForm the tangent space basis of the quotient space of Q/SO(n)
geodesic_flowCompute the geodesic flow at q in the direction of w for an...
get_plot_output_listUtility function for shiny app
gram_schmidtOrthogonalized the vectors X
morphr-packageShape analysis
pcacovCompute PCA of matrix of observations
plot_curvePlot the curve p with color value
plot_pca_variationDisplay variation of pca
project_basis_tangent_space_of_c_at_qProject the basis B on the tangent space T_q(C)
project_curveProject the shape q to the space of closed curves, C
project_to_basisProject the set of vectors alpha_t_array into a basis set Y
q_to_curveConvert q to curve
rcpparma_hello_worldSet of functions in example RcppArmadillo package
read_svg_fileRead shape coordinates from svg files
read_ucf_multiple_levelsRead shape coordinates from ucf files
repose_curveScale, translate and rotate curve p
run_shinyDisplay Rshiny
save_eigen_projectionsSave the eigen projections of the pca
smoothSmooth a function based on degree of smoothing
trapzNumerical integration of the function y(x)
verify_shapesDisplay shape orientation
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