Man pages for mottensmann/MyR
Collection of Custom Functions

buteo_ageEstimate the age of juvenile buzzards based on wing length
buteo_conditionresidual weight with respect to a regression of wing length...
comp_seqReturn the complement of a DNA sequence
custom_mapExtract Geotiffs for custom map design
digitize_graphDigitize graphs using package digitize
doyDay of year from date
find_peaksFind local Maxima in a time series
helloHello, World!
minor_ticksinsert minor axis ticks with blank label
ModeMode: Calculates the mode of a vector
multiplotMultiple plot function
pval_labAdd p.value to plot with sensible precision
revcomp_seqReturn the reverse complement of a DNA sequence
subset_fastqSubset a FASTQ file by another FASTQ file
summary_statsSummarizes data by giving count, mean, standard deviation,...
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