Man pages for mowomoyela/tstaxonomyr
A time series taxonomy to classify univariate or multivariate time series

calculate_attributenumberGenerates the number of attributes of a data.frame object.
calculate_autocorrelationGenerates the mean of the autocorrelationfunction (ACF) of a...
calculate_chaosGenerates the maximum Lyapunov exponent (chaos) of a ts...
calculate_determination_coefficientGenerates the coefficient of determination (R2) of a...
calculate_dtw_blockdistanceGenerates the dynamic time warping (DTW) for a ts object to...
calculate_durbin_watson_testGenerates the autocorrelation measure of a data.frame object.
calculate_entropyGenerates the approximate entropy of a ts object.
calculate_kurtosisGenerates the kurtosis of a ts object.
calculate_meanGenerates the mean of the normalized values [0,1] of a ts...
calculate_non_linearityGenerates the non linearity factor of a ts object.
calculate_observationnumberGenerates the number of observations of a ts object.
calculate_outlier_percentageGenerates the percentage of outliers of a ts object.
calculate_partial_autocorrelationGenerates the mean of the partial autocorrelationfunction...
calculate_peak_percentageGenerates the percentage of peaks of a ts object.
calculate_periodicityGenerates the periodicity/frequency factor of a ts object.
calculate_quartile_distributionGenerates the percentage of the values in the 4 quartiles of...
calculate_sdGenerates the standard deviation of a ts object.
calculate_seasonalityGenerates the seasonality factor of a ts object.
calculate_selfsimilarityGenerates the Hurst exponent of a ts object.
calculate_skewnessGenerates the skewness of a ts object.
calculate_stepchange_percentageGenerates the percentage of step changes of a ts object.
calculate_trendGenerates the trend of a ts object.
calculate_turningpoint_percentageGenerates the percentage of turning points of a ts object.
calculate_varianceGenerates the variance of a ts object.
classify_tsClassifies a time series based on the defined ts taxonomy...
decompose_tsDecompose a time series object into trend, seasonal and...
get_ts_frequencyGet the period of an vector object.
matrix_block_listA list of 13 elements, containing time series matrices.
multi_ts_listA list of 500 different multivariate time series data.
predict_missing_observationsReplace all missing observations of a time series or vector...
scale_featureScale a numeric value into a standardized interval [0,1].
uni_ts_listA list of 500 different univariate time series data.
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