Man pages for mpancia/rUMLS
An R Interface To The NLM Unified Medical Language System

auth_UMLSAuthenticate against UMLS.
filter_source_levelFilter results to include source vocabularies with a...
get_all_childrenGet all of the children of a given source item.
get_all_parentsGet all of the parents of a given source item.
get_all_subset_infoGet information on all UMLS subsets.
get_atom_familyGet familial relationships for a given Atom.
get_atom_infoGet information about a given atom.
get_concept_atomsGet UMLS concept atoms.
get_concept_infoGet UMLS concept info.
get_concept_relsGet the Metathesaurus Concept-Concept relationships for a...
get_internal_codesGet the internal codes for atoms from a list of vocabularies.
get_mem_infoGet information on a member of a given subset.
get_pref_atomGet the preferred atom for a concept.
get_service_ticketGet a service ticket.
get_source_atomsGet UMLS source info for a concept.
get_source_attrsGet source-asserted attributes.
get_source_familyGet source familial relationships.
get_source_infoGet UMLS source info for a concept.
get_source_relsGet relations for source object.
get_subset_attrGet the attributes of a UMLS subset.
get_subset_infoGet the info on a UMLS subset.
get_subset_memsGet members of a given subset.
get_TGTGet a TGT token from the UMLS API.
pipePipe operator
rUMLSAn R Interface To The NLM Unified Medical Language System
search_UMLSSearch the UMLS.
source_levelObtain source vocabularies with a given licensing restriction...
UMLS_credsGet or set UMLS credentials.
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