Man pages for mpascariu/CoDa
Compositional-Data Lee-Carter Mortality Model (CoDa)

AorBIF 'a' is not NULL choose 'a' else take 'b'
arima.string1Identify ARIMA model - internal function
CoDaFit CoDa Mortality Model
CoDa.dataDATA in the package - for testing purposes
coda.input.checkValidate input values
compute_dxInternal function
head_tailSummary function - display head and tail in a single...
plot.codaPlot fitted parameters and fitted values of a CoDa mortality...
plot.residuals.codaPlot the residuals of a CoDa Mortality Model
predict.CoDaPredict distribution of deaths using CoDa model.
print.codaPrint coda
print.predict.codaPrint predict.coda
print.summary.codaPrint summary.coda
residuals.codaResiduals of the CoDa Mortality Model
scatterplotAPCDo a scatter plot of a matrix according to age-period-cohorts
summary.codaSummary coda
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