Man pages for msettles/rSFFreader
rSFFreader reads in sff files generated by Roche 454 and Life Sciences Ion Torrent sequencers

load454SampleDataLoad the example 454 dataset
loadIonSampleDataLoad the example Ion Torrent dataset
readsffRead SFF-formatted files into SffReads or SffReadsQ objects
readsffgeometryRead in basic statistics about an sff file
readsffheaderRead in sff header
rSFFreader-internalsrSFFreader internals
rSFFreader-packageBase classes and methods for high-throughput sequence data...
SffReads-classClass '"SffReads"'. A class for next generation reads stored...
SffReadsQ-classClass '"SffReadsQ"' for next generation reads stored in SFF...
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