Man pages for mtrybulec/interviewer
interviewer - computer-aided interviewing in R/Shiny

buildNonQuestionBuild a non-question (UI) element to show next to questions.
buildQuestionBuild a question definition from scratch.
buildResponsesBuild a definition of a response list.
getResponseIdsGet the identifiers of responses given by the respondent to...
makeQuestionInputIdDefine a question input identifier.
maskResponsesMask the response list using responses given to another...
mergeResponsesMerge two or more response lists.
mixedOptionsInputDefine an input field with both radio-buttons and...
mixedOptions.multipleGet the multiple (non-mutually-exclusive) option type for...
mixedOptions.singleGet the single (mutually-exclusive) option type for...
pageBreakDefine a page break.
question.mixedDefine a question that displays a list of mixed single- and...
question.multipleDefine a multiple-choice question.
questionnaireDefine an 'interviewer' questionnaire.
question.numericDefine a question that allows the selection of numeric...
question.singleDefine a single-choice question.
question.textDefine a question that allows text entry.
randomizeResponsesRandomize the order of responses in a response list.
runExampleRun one of the 'interviewer' examples.
useInterviewerSet up 'interviewer' in a Shiny app.
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