Man pages for muschellij2/rcamino
Port of the Camino Software

camino_adcfitWrapper for Camino 'adcfit' function
camino_cmdGeneral Camino Command Maker
camino_computeWrapper for Computing FA/MD and other Standard Markers
camino_compute_imgWrapper for Computing Outputs into image
camino_dt2niiWrapper for Camino 'dt2nii' function
camino_dteigWrapper for Camino 'dteig' function
camino_dtifitFit Model using Camino
camino_faCompute Fractional Anisotropy (FA) Maps
camino_fa_imgCompute Fractional Anisotropy (FA) Maps
camino_fsl2schemeWrapper for Camino 'fsl2scheme' function
camino_get_heapGet Camino Heap Size
camino_helpGeneral Camino Command Help
camino_image2voxelWrapper for Camino 'image2voxel' function
camino_mdCompute Mean Diffusivity (MD) Maps
camino_md_imgCompute Mean Diffusivity (MD) Maps
camino_modelfitWrapper for Camino 'modelfit' function
camino_pointset2schemeWrapper for Camino 'pointset2scheme' function
camino_selectshellsWrapper for Camino 'selectshells' function
camino_set_heapSet Camino Heap Size
camino_split4dniiWrapper for Camino 'split4dnii' split4dnii
camino_subset_max_bvalSubset Maximum B-value
camino_trdCompute Tensor Trace Maps
camino_trd_imgCompute Tensor Trace Maps
camino_vcthreshselectWrapper for Camino 'vcthreshselect' function
camino_voxel2imageWrapper for Camino 'voxel2image' function
camino_voxelclassifyWrapper for Camino 'voxelclassify' function
collapse_log_optsCollapse Logical Options
collapse_optsCollapse Options
parse_camino_argsParse arguments from Camino
read_camino_helpfileRead Camino Command Help File
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