Man pages for mwpennell/arbutus
Evaluate the adequacy of continuous trait models

arbutusArbutus: Evaluate model adequacy for phylogenetic models of...
arbutus_plot_distPlot the simulated test statistics versus observed test...
arbutus_plot_pointPlot the simulated test statistics versus observed test...
calculate_pic_statCalculate test statistics on a unit tree
check_pic_statInternal function to check test statistics
compare_pic_statCompare observed and simulated test statistics
default_pic_statInternal function for getting default test statistics
finchGalapagos finch dataset
is.unit.treeCheck if object is a unit.tree
mahalanobis_arbutusMultivariate measure of model adequacy
make_model_phyloRescale phylogeny based on fitted model parameters
make_unit_treeCreate unit.tree object
model_infoGet model and data from model fitted object
pic_stat_cvarCoefficient of variation of contrasts
pic_stat_cvar_plotPlot histogram of contrasts with variance
pic_stat_dcdfEvaluate normality of contrasts
pic_stat_dcdf_plotPlot empirical cumulative distribution of contrasts versus a...
pic_stat_msigREML estimate of BM parameter
pic_stat_msig_plotPlot histogram of squared contrasts
pic_stat_sasrRelationship between contrasts and inferred ancestral state
pic_stat_sasr_plotPlot contrasts versus their inferred ancestral states
pic_stat_shgtRelationship between contrasts and node height
pic_stat_shgt_plotPlot contrasts versus their node height
pic_stat_svarRelationship between contrasts and their variances
pic_stat_svar_plotPlot contrasts versus their variances
plot.arbutusPlot the simulated test statistics versus observed test...
print.arbutusPrint arbutus object
pvalue_arbutusExtract p-values for test statistics
simulate_char_unitSimulate character evolution on unit tree
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