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Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology

addBracketAdd Depth Brackets
addVolumeFractionSymbolize Volume Fraction on a Soil Profile Collection Plot
aggregateColorSummarize Soil Colors
aggregateSoilDepthProbabalistic Estimation of Soil Depth
aqp-packageAlgorithms for Quantitative Pedology
argillic.clay.increase.depthReturn upper boundary of argillic horizon
barron.torrent.redness.LABBarron & Torrent (1986) Redness Index in LAB color space
brierScoreMultinominal Brier score
buntley.westin.indexBuntley-Westin (1965) Index
ca630Soil Data from the Central Sierra Nevada Region of California
checkHzDepthLogicCheck a 'SoilProfileCollection' object for errors in horizon...
checkSPCTest for a valid SoilProfileCollection
clod.hz.idsReturn the unique horizon IDs within a "depth-clod"
colorContrastMetrics of Contrast Suitable for Comparing Soil Colors
colorContrastPlotColor Contrast Plot
colorQuantilesSoil Color Range via Quantiles
compositeSPCReturn a list representation of site and horizon level data
confusionIndexConfusion Index
contrastChartColor Contrast Chart
contrastClassSoil Color Contrast
crit.clay.argillicDetermines threshold (minimum) clay content for argillic...
denormalizeCreate a (redundant) horizon-level attribute from a...
depthWeightsReturn a vector of contributing fractions over a depth...
estimatePSCSEstimate boundaries of the particle size control section (U.S...
estimateSoilDepthEstimate Soil Depth
evalGenHZEvaluate Generalized Horizon Labels
evalMissingDataEvaluate Missing Data
filterSubset SPC with logical expressions
fixOverlapAttempt to fix overlapping sketches when using relative...
f.noiseExample Objective Function for Full-Pattern Matching
generalize.hzGeneralize Horizon Names
get.increase.depthsReturn the horizon top depths from a call to...
get.increase.matrixcompute pair-wise distances to determine where an attribute... ML Horizon Boundaries
getSoilDepthClassGenerate Soil Depth Class Matrix
getSurfaceHorizonDepthDetermine thickness of horizons (continuous from surface)...
glomReturn a "ragged" group of horizons selected from...
glomApplySubset an SPC by applying glom to each profile
grepSPCSubset SPC with pattern-matching for text-based attributes
groupedProfilePlotGrouped Soil Profile Plot
guessGenHzLevelsGuess Appropriate Ordering for Generalized Horizon Labels
harden.melanizationHarden (1982) Melanization
harden.rubificationHarden (1982) Rubification
horizonColorIndicesHorizon Color Indices
huePositionMunsell Hue Position for Soil Color Description
hurst.rednessHurst (1977) Redness Index
hzDepthTestsTests of horizon depth logic
hzDistinctnessCodeToOffsetConvert Horizon Distinctness Codes
hzTransitionProbabilitiesHorizon Transition Probabilities
jacobs2000Soil Morphologic Data from Jacobs et al. 2002.
missingDataGridMissing Data Grid
munsellMunsell to sRGB Lookup Table for Common Soil Colors
munsell2rgbConvert Munsell Notation to and from sRGB color coordinates
mutateTransform a SPC with expressions based on site or horizon...
mutate_profileTransform a SPC (by profile) with a set of expressions
panel.depth_functionLattice Panel Function for Soil Profiles
plot_distance_graphBetween Individual Distance Plot
plotMultipleSPCPlot Multiple SoilProfileCollection Objects
previewColorsPreview Colors
profileApply-methodsApply a function to soil profiles within a...
profile_compare-methodsNumerical Soil Profile Comparison
profileGroupLabelsSoil Profile Group Labels
random_profileRandom Profile
rebuildSPCRebuild a SoilProfileCollection object
resample.twothetaResample an XRD Pattern
rowley2019Soil Morphologic, Geochemical, and Mineralogy Data from...
rruff.sampleSample XRD Patterns
shannonEntropyShannon Entropy
simSimulate Soil Profiles
soilColorSignatureSoil Profile Color Signatures
soil_mineralsMunsell Colors of Common Soil Minerals
soilPaletteSol Color Palette
SoilProfileCollection-classSoilProfileCollection Class
sp1Soil Profile Data Example 1
sp2Honcut Creek Soil Profile Data
sp3Soil Profile Data Example 3
sp4Soil Chemical Data from Serpentinitic Soils of California
sp5Sample Soil Database #5
sp6Soil Physical and Chemical Data from Manganiferous Soils
SPC-plottingProfile Plot
SPC-slab-methodsSlab-Wise Aggregation of SoilProfileCollection Objects
SPC-slice-methodsSlicing of SoilProfilecollection Objects
SPC-unique-methodsGet Indices to Unique Soil Profiles Within a Collection
SPC-utilsGetters, Setters, and Utility Methods for...
subApplySubset SPC based on result of performing function on each...
subsetProfiles-methodsSubset SoilProfileCollection Objects.
summarizeReduce multiple site or horizon values to a single site value
tauWCompute weighted naïve and _tau_ statistics for a...
texture.triangle.low.rv.highSoil Texture Low-RV-High as Defined by Quantiles
thompson.bell.darknessThompson-Bell (1996) Index
unionCombine Multiple SoilProfileCollection Objects
unrollUnroll Genetic Horizons
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