#' @title Register Label Image Based on Full Image
#' @description This function registers a full image to a fixed image, then applies the registration to a label or binary image in the same space as the full image.
#' @param fullimage an image of class \code{nifti}, in the same space as the label image, which will be registered to the fixed image.
#' @param labelimage an image of class \code{nifti} with limited structural information, in the same space as the full image, to which the full image registration will be applied.
#' @param fixedimage an image of class \code{nifti}, to which the other images will be registered.
#' @param typeofTransform the type of registration desired; this value is passed onto the registration function from extrantsr.
#' @param interpolator the type of interpolation desired; this value is passed onto the antsApplyTransforms function from ANTsRCore
#' @importFrom ANTsRCore antsApplyTransforms
#' @importFrom extrantsr ants2oro oro2ants registration
#' @return A list containing image_reg (the registered version of fullimage) and label_reg (the registered version of labelimage).
#' @examples \dontrun{
#' library(neurobase)
#' library(fslr)
#' flair <- readnii('path/to/flair')
#' t1 <- readnii('path/to/t1')
#' tissue.class= <- fast(t1, opts='--nobias')
#' registered <- labelreg(t1,tissue.class,flair)
#' t1_reg = registered$image_reg
#' tissue.class_reg = registered$label_reg }
#' @export
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