Man pages for neyhartj/pbsim
Simulations of Plant Breeding Experiments

calc_allele_freqCalculate the allele frequencies of loci
calc_exp_genvarCalculate the expected genetic variance in simulated families
calc_genovalCalculate the genotypic value of individuals
calc_haplotype_freqCalculate the frequency of haplotypes
calc_LDCalculate linkage disequilibrium between loci
check_genoCheck a matrix of genotypes for completeness
chrlenExtract the length of chromosomes
chrnamesExtract chromosome names
combine_popCombine a list of populations
create_popCreate a population object
find_markerposFind the position of markers in the genome
find_proxmarkersFind the position of markers near a locus
geno_to_popvarConvert data for use in PopVar
genotypeGenotype a population
indnamesNames of individuals
induce_dhGenerate doubled-hapoids from crossover data
is_haploidHaploid genotype data
map_to_tableConvert the genetic map in the genome to a table
markernamesExtract marker names
nchrExtract the number of chromosomes in the genome
nindNumber of individuals in a population
nlociExtract the total number of loci in the genome
nmarExtract the number of markers in the genome
nqtlExtract the number of QTL in the genome
pred_geno_valPredict genotypic values using genomewide markers
pred_genvarPredict the genetic variance in prospective crosses
pred_mar_effPredict marker effects in a training population
pull_genotypePull the genotype data for a named locus
pull_plei_qtlExtract the pleiotropic QTL from the genome
pull_qtlExtract the QTL from a genome
qtlnamesExtract the names of QTL in the genome
recombine_hypredSimulate recombination using hypred
select_popMake selections from a population
sim_crossing_blockCreate a crossing block from a vector of parents
sim_familySimulate a family from a pedigree
sim_family_cbSimulate multiple families from a crossing block
sim_foundersSimulate founders
sim_gen_modelDefine the genetic model of a trait
sim_genomeCreate a simulated genome
sim_multi_gen_modelDefine a genetic model for two or more traits
sim_pedigreeCreate a pedigree for a cross
sim_phenovalSimulate phenotypic data
sim_popSimulate a population
sim_trialSimulate a phenotypic trial
split_genoSplit a genotype matrix into chromosomes
split_haploidSplit a haploid array into chromosomes
subset_popSubset a population object for specific individuals
summary.genomeSummarize a genome object
table_to_mapConvert a table of genetic positions to a map
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