API for nfrerebeau/tabula
Analysis, Seriation and Visualization of Archaeological Count Data

Global functions
BootCA-class Man page
CountMatrix Man page Source code
CountMatrix-class Man page
DateEvent-class Man page
DateModel-class Man page
FrequencyMatrix-class Man page
IncidenceMatrix Man page Source code
IncidenceMatrix-class Man page
OccurrenceMatrix-class Man page
PermutationOrder-class Man page
[[,BootCA-method Man page
[[,DateModel-method Man page
[[,PermutationOrder-method Man page
accessors Man page
accumulation Man page
accumulation,DateModel-method Man page
aceRichness Source code
bergerDominance Source code
binomialSimilarity Source code
bootCA Source code
boves Man page
brainerdSimilarity Source code
braySimilarity Source code
brillouinDiversity Source code
brillouinEvenness Source code
buildMatrix Source code
chao1Richness Source code
chao1iRichness Source code
chao2Richness Source code
chao2iRichness Source code
codyBeta Source code
columns Man page
columns,BootCA-method Man page
columns,DateModel-method Man page
columns,PermutationOrder-method Man page
combination Source code
compiegne Man page
confidence Source code
correspondanceSeriation Source code
dateEvent Man page
dateEvent,CountMatrix-method Man page
dateEvent-method Man page
diversity Man page
diversity,CountMatrix-method Man page
diversity-method Man page
evenness Man page
evenness,CountMatrix-method Man page
evenness-method Man page
hurlbertRarefaction Source code
iceRichness Source code
independance Source code
initialize_matrix Source code
isBinary Source code
isDecreasing Source code
isEqual Source code
isIncreasing Source code
isPeak Source code
isWholeNumber Source code
jaccardSimilarity Source code
margalefRichness Source code
matrigraphe Man page
matrix2count Source code
matrix2frequency Source code
matrix2incidence Source code
matrix2occurrence Source code
mcintoshDominance Source code
mcintoshEvenness Source code
menhinickRichness Source code
method Man page
method,DateModel-method Man page
method,PermutationOrder-method Man page
mississippi Man page
morisitaSimilarity Source code
permute Man page
permute,CountMatrix,PermutationOrder-method Man page
permute,IncidenceMatrix,PermutationOrder-method Man page
permute-method Man page
plotBar Man page
plotBar,CountMatrix-method Man page
plotBar,DateModel-method Man page
plotBar,FrequencyMatrix-method Man page
plotBar-method Man page
plotDate Man page
plotDate,CountMatrix,DateModel-method Man page
plotDate-method Man page
plotMatrix Man page
plotMatrix,CountMatrix-method Man page
plotMatrix,FrequencyMatrix-method Man page
plotMatrix,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
plotMatrix-method Man page
plotRank Man page
plotRank,CountMatrix-method Man page
plotRank,FrequencyMatrix-method Man page
plotRank-method Man page
plotSpot Man page
plotSpot,CountMatrix-method Man page
plotSpot,FrequencyMatrix-method Man page
plotSpot-method Man page
rarefaction Man page
rarefaction,CountMatrix-method Man page
rarefaction-method Man page
reciprocalSeriation Source code
refine Man page
refine,CountMatrix-method Man page
refine-method Man page
replicateSample Source code
richness Man page
richness,CountMatrix-method Man page
richness,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
richness-method Man page
routledge1Beta Source code
routledge2Beta Source code
routledge3Beta Source code
rows Man page
rows,BootCA-method Man page
rows,DateModel-method Man page
rows,PermutationOrder-method Man page
seriate Man page
seriate,CountMatrix,BootCA-method Man page
seriate,CountMatrix,missing-method Man page
seriate,IncidenceMatrix,missing-method Man page
seriate-method Man page
seriation Man page Source code
seriographe Man page
shannonDiversity Source code
shannonEvenness Source code
shannonVariance Source code
similarity Man page
similarity,CountMatrix-method Man page
similarity,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
similarity-method Man page
similarityIndex Source code
simpsonDominance Source code
simpsonEvenness Source code
sorensonSimilarity Source code
tabula Man page
tabula-package Man page
totals Man page
totals,FrequencyMatrix-method Man page
turnover Man page
turnover,CountMatrix-method Man page
turnover,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
turnover-method Man page
whittakerBeta Source code
wilsonBeta Source code
zuni Man page
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