Man pages for nghiavtr/speaq
Tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and Quantitative Analysis

BWRBW ratio calculation
createNullSamplingBuilding a null hypothesis data
detectSpecPeaksPeak detection for spectra
dohClusterCluPA function for multiple spectra.
dohClusterCustommedSegmentsUse CluPA for alignment with additional information
doShiftSegment shift
drawBWBW and percentile ratios plot
drawSpecSpectral plot
findRefReference finding
findSegPeakListSelecting the peaks in a segment
findShiftStepFFTFinding the shift-step by using Fast Fourier Transform...
hClustAlignCluPA function for two spectra.
makeSimulatedDataCreate a simulated NMR spectral data
returnLocalMaximaLocal maximum detection
speaq-packageTools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and...
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