Man pages for nibrivia/helpq
Interface to the 6.004 queue

get_poolGet database pool
get_staffingGets the current staffing schedule from the server
group_scheduleGroups unprocessed dataframe into sessions
helpqhelpq: An R package to interface with 6.004 tools
pipePipe operator
schedule_plot_attendanceAttendance plot
schedule_plot_baseSchedule plot basics
shift_end_timeGet shift end time
shift_start_timeConvert shift strings to datetimes
staffing_by_shiftWho's on duty now?
staffing_to_listConvert staffing dataframe to a list
staff_on_dutyWho's on duty now?
staff_qGet staff queue
staff_queue_deltasSimplify staff queue
student_qGet student queue
student_queue_deltasSimplify the student queue data
time_to_gcalFormat time for Google Calendar use
time_to_hourConverts a date to a decimal hour component
time_to_shiftConvert datetime to shift string
time_to_weekdayDay string to ordered factor
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