Man pages for nick-moffitt/y2artisan
Shortcuts for mschart and ggplot2

add1c_y2Add PowerPoint slide & 1 chart
add1s_y2Add 1 Blank PowerPoint slide
add2c_y2Add 2 charts to PowerPoint slide
add3c_y2Add 3 charts to PowerPoint slide
add4c_y2Add 4 charts to PowerPoint slide
add5c_y2Add 5 charts to PowerPoint slide
add6c_y2Add 6 charts to PowerPoint slide
add_color_palette_y2Add a 5 color palette
add_colors_internal_y2Add base Y2 colors
add_colors_microsoft_y2Add base Microsoft colors
add_colors_qualtrics_y2Add base Qualtrics colors
add_section_header_y2Add Blank PowerPoint Section Header
gg_bullet_y2Create a bullet chart: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
ggchart_save_y2Quickly save out a chart from ggplot
gg_grouped_y2Create a grouped ggplot object
gg_histo_y2Create a ggplot2 histogram
gg_maxdif_y2Create a grouped ggplot object: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
gg_pie_y2Create a pie chart ggplot object
gg_single_y2Create an ungrouped ggplot object
gg_stacked_y2Create a grouped ggplot object
ms_grouped_y2Create a groupedbar mschart object
ms_line_y2Create an ugrouped mschart object
ms_maxdif_y2Create a groupedbar mschart object
ms_single_y2Create an ugrouped mschart object
ms_stacked_y2Create a groupedbar mschart object
openend_y2Look at the frequencies of each word in an open end question
pipePipe operator
wordcloud_mono_y2Creates a word cloud from an open end question
wordcloud_y2Creates a word cloud from an open end question
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