Man pages for nickilott/MDAT
microbe directory association tester

build_contingency_tableBuild contigensy table for binary variable
check_inCheck the proportion of species that are annotated in the...
format_identifiersFormat the taxonomic labels in the microbe directory data
get_binary_variableGet a binary variable from microbe directory
get_quantitative_variableGet a quantititative variable from microbe directory
get_resultsGet the results table
plot_binary_variablePlot binary variable in test and background sets
plot_quantitative_variablePlot quantitative variable in test and background sets
plot_resultsPlot the results
read_databaseRead The Microbe Directory database
read_listRead lists for background or foreground sets of species
run_associationsRun the associations
run_chisquareChi-squared test on contingency table
run_fisherexactFishers exact test
run_wilcoxtestWilcoxon rank sum test on quantitative variables
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