Man pages for nignatiadis/IHWpaper
Reproduce figures in IHW paper

analyze_datasetanalyze_dataset: Basically performs preprocessing and then...
bhbh: Wrapper for Benjamini Hochberg
bonfbonf: Wrapper for Bonferroni
clfdrclfdr: Cai's local fdr based method
continuous_wrapBenchmarking wrapper: Given a multiple testing method,...
ddhfddhf: Greedy independent filtering
du_ttest_simt-test simulation: Simulate rowwise t-tests
gbhgbh: Grouped Benjamini Hochberg
ihw_naiveIHW wrappers
lsl_pi0_estLSL (Least-Slope) pi0 estimator
null_simNull simulation: Generate uniformly distributed p-values and...
pretty_legendhelper function to create nice legends
run_evalsrun_evals: Main function to benchmark FDR methods on given...
scott_fdrregscott_fdrreg: Wrapper for FDR regression...
storey_qvaluestorey_qvalue: Wrapper for Storey's qvalue package
stratified_bhstratified_bh: Stratified Benjamini Hochberg
tst_pi0_estTST (Two-Step) pi0 estimator
wasserman_normal_prds_simNormal PRDS simulation: Covariate is effect size under...
wasserman_normal_simNormal simulation: Covariate is effect size under alternative
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