Man pages for nitlon/Eartheaters
Stereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction

alignLandmarksToMidlineAligns bilateral landmarks to the midline plane
avectorsComputes the angle between two vectors
cprodComputes the cross product of two vectors
digitizeImageOpens the StereoMorph Digitizing App
distanceGridUnitsReturns the distances between pairs of points on a square...
distancePointToLineFinds the minimum distance(s) between point(s) and a line
distancePointToPointFinds the distance between two points or sets of points
dltCalibrateCamerasFinds the optimized DLT coefficients for a stereo camera...
dltCoefficientRMSErrorReturns the error during calibration coefficient optimization
dltCoefficientsComputes DLT coefficients for a stereo camera setup
dltEpipolarDistanceFinds the distance between a point and a self-epipolar line
dltEpipolarLineFinds a epipolar or self-epipolar line
dltInverseReturns ideal pixel coordinates of 3D point(s) in a stereo...
dltMatchCurvePointsMatches curve points between two camera views
dltNearestPointOnEpipolarReturns the closest point on a epipolar line to a point or...
dltReconstructReconstructs the 3D position of points in two or more camera...
dltTestCalibrationTests the accuracy of a stereo camera calibration
dltTransformationParameterRMSErrorReturns the error during transformation parameter...
drawCheckerboardCreates a checkerboard image
findCheckerboardCornersFinds internal corners of a checkerboard pattern
findOptimalPointAlignmentOptimally aligns one point set to another
gridPointsFitFits regularly spaced points to a sample line or grid
imagePlaneGridTransformPerforms image perspective transformations to a grid
imagePlaneGridTransformErrorReturns imagePlaneGridTransform error
landmarkListToMatrixConverts a landmark list to a landmark matrix
landmarkMatrixToListConverts a landmark matrix to a landmark list
measureCheckerboardSizeEstimates checkerboard square size
orthogonalProjectionToLineFinds the orthogonal projection of a point onto a line
pointsAtEvenSpacingGenerates evenly spaced points from point matrix
quadraticPointsOnIntervalGenerates points along an interval with quadratic...
readBezierControlPointsReads a file of Bezier control points
readCheckerboardsToArrayReads file(s) containing grid points into an array
readLandmarksToArrayReads landmark file(s) into an array
readLandmarksToListReads landmark file(s) into a list
readLandmarksToMatrixReads a landmark file or files into a matrix
readShapesReads a StereoMorph shape file
reflectMissingLandmarksReflects missing landmarks across the plane of symmetry
resampleGridImagePointsResamples imaged grid points
rotationMatrixZYXReturns a matrix to rotate points along the z-, y- and x-axes
StereoMorph-packageStereo Camera Morphometrics
transformPlanarCalibrationCoordinatesPerforms rotational and translational transformations to a...
unifyLandmarksOptimally align a set of partial landmark sets
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