Man pages for nmmarquez/linHierarchy
Generate linear rankings from dyadic interactions within a group

davidScoreCalculate the David's Score of players
DijEvaluates David adjusted the probability of Winning
eloTableGenerate a series of elo ratings from interaction data
extractScoresGet the latest scores from an eloTable object until specified...
findIfWonFind if player won in interaction
findKGenerate the appropriate K factor given a players score
IaSIFind player rankings with I&SI method
idErrorCalls error for class non-conformity
inconsisCounts the inconsitancies of a Dominance Matrix
intTableConvConvert a standard data frame to an interData object
MCMCBradTerrBayesian Approximation of Bradley Terry Pairwise Comparisons
numIntCount the number of interactions
PijEvaluates the probability of Winning
plot.eloTablePlot and eloTable object
plyrErrorCalls error if player not in interData object
print.eloTablePrint call for eloTable object
print.interDataPrint call for interData object
schedStrEloGet the schedule strength of players in an Elo Table
SITotals the strength of inconsitancies of a Dominance Matrix
singleOutcomeGenerate New Elo Scores from a Single Dyadic Interaction
steepTestCalculate the Steepness of Davids Score Ranking
subset.interDataSubsets an interData object by players and time
swapRCSwap the rows and columns of a dominance matrix
toBayesDFConvert interData object to an expanded data frame
toDomMatConvert interData object to dominance matrix
toInterMatConvert interData object to interaction matrix
topEloGet the top scores achieved in an Elo table
upsetEloGet the biggest upsets from an Elo table
winStreakFind win streak of players in group
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