Man pages for nspyrison/spinifex
Manual Tours, Manual Control of Dynamic Projections of Numeric Multivariate Data

array2dfTurns a tour path array into a long data frame
breastcancerWisconsin Breast Cancer Database
col_ofReturn hex color code for a given discrete categorical...
create_manip_spaceCreate a manipulation space
is_orthonormalTest if a numeric matrix is orthonormal.
manual_tourProduce the series of projection bases to rotate a variable...
oblique_basisReturn the basis of an oblique frame
oblique_framePlot a single frame of a manual tour
pan_zoomPan (offset) and zoom (scale) a 2 column matrix, dataframe or...
pch_ofReturn shape integers for a given discrete categorical...
play_manual_tourAnimate a manual tour
play_tour_pathRender display of a provided tour path
render_Render the ggplot before the animation package
render_gganimateRender the slides as a _gganimate_ animation
render_plotlyRender the slides as a _plotly_ animation
rotate_manip_spacePerforms a rotation on the manipulation space
run_appRuns a shiny app demonstrating manual tours
set_axes_positionReturns the axis scale and position
view_basisPlot the axes directions of the basis table without data...
view_manip_spacePlot projection frame and return the axes table.
weatherSample dataset of daily weather observations from Canberra...
wineThe wine dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
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