Man pages for nstauffer/
Reading, Manipulating, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data from Copies of the Database for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment (DIMA)

check.codeIdentify Unknown Plant Codes and Their Growth Habits and...
check.dimaCreate a list of data frames documenting errors in plot, LPI,...
check.gapCreate a data frame documenting errors in gap forms
check.headerCheck the minimum requirements of a header table
check.lpiCreate a data frame documenting errors in line-point...
check.plotCreate a data frame reporting errors in DIMA plot forms
check.richnessCreate a data frame documenting errors in species richness...
check.soilpitCreate a data frame documenting errors in soil pit forms
common.speciesFind the most common species characteristics assigned in...
cover.indicatorsPercent Cover Indicators
create.errorframeCreate a data frame documenting errors
extract.tableReading in data from DIMA
gap.coverCalculate the number, length, and percent of gaps
gather.lpiGather LPI data into tall/long data frames
mean.heightCalculate the vegetation height
metamergeAdd metadata to form data
pct.coverCalculating percent cover from LPI data.
read.dimaReading in data from multiple DIMAs
read.gdbtableRead Tables From ESRI Geodatabases
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