Man pages for nwagenbrenner/windtools
Tools to process and visualize wind data

binDirectionsBin observed wind directions into 16 bins
binSpeedsBin wind speeds for vector plotting
buildAveragesBuild a dataframe with plot averages
buildBiasHourlyAveragesBuild a dataframe with hourly averaged observed and predicted...
buildHourlyAveragesBuild a dataframe with hourly averaged data
createLookUpTableGenerate a lookup table
dbFetchGeneric fetching function
dbFetchAllFetch all data from an SQLite database for a specified time...
dbFetchHourlyAvgFetch averaged data from an SQLite database for a specified...
dbFetchMultipleSensorsFetch all data from multiple sensors for a specified time...
dbFetchSensorFetch all data from a single sensor for a specified time...
dbFetchSensorLocationFetch the location (lat/lon) of one or more sensors
dbFetchWindFetch all data from an SQLite database in windtools format...
distributionFromTableGenerate wind direction distribution
facetLabellerRelable facets for wind regimes
maeCalculate the mean absolute error
makeVectorMapMake a vector map of the wind field
plotSensorPlot wind speed/direction as a time series
raster2kmlWrite a kml from a raster object
raster2VectorMapMake a vector map from wind speed and direction rasters
rasterToVectorMapConvert speed, dir rasters to a vector map
readDataRead wind data
reorderFactorReorder a factor in a dataframe
rmseCalculate the root mean squared error
sdeCalculate the standard deviation of error
shinyPlotSensorSpeedPlot wind speed as a time series
speed2uConvert speed/direction to u-component of wind
speed2vConvert speed/direction to v-component of wind
subsetOnDateSubset wind data on datetime criteria
subsetOnDirectionSubset wind data on direction criteria
subsetOnHourSubset an averaged hourly dataframe by hour
subsetOnSpeedSubset wind data on speed criteria
uv2dirConvert u,v to wind direction
uv2speedConvert u,v to wind speed
wnBoxplotMake a box plot
wnBuildBiasDfCombine multiple bias.txt files into a single dataframe
wnCreateBiasVectorMapCreate vector maps of overlaid observed and predicted winds
wnCreateBubbleMapCreate bubble maps of wind prediction errors
wnCreatePredObsVectorMapMake a vector map of observed and forecasted wind fields
wnCreateVectorMapMake a vector map of observed or forecasted wind field
wnPlotBiasVsObsPlot bias vs observed data
wnPlotDirTsMake a faceted wind direction time series plot
wnPlotObsVsPredPlot observed vs predicted values
wnPlotSpeedTsMake a faceted wind speed time series plot
wnReadBiasDataRead bias.txt file create from
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