Man pages for nwfsc-assess/PacFIN.Utilities
Generate fishery composition data from PacFIN data for the NWFSC

capValuesDecrease all values greater than a maximum specified value.
Catch.XMPLSample dataset for Catch
cleanAgesFilter samples for appropriate ages and agemethods.
cleanPacFINFilter PacFIN samples.
doSexRatioAssign gender for unsexed fish in compiled Comp data.
EF1_DenominatorCalculate the denominator for the level-1 expansion factor.
EF1_NumeratorCalculate the numerator for the first level expansion factor.
find.matching.rowsFunction find.matching.rows
getCompsAggregate composition data by length, age, or age-at-length...
getExpansion_1First level expansion for composition data to accout for...
getExpansion_2Expand PacFIN samples to Catch.
getGearGroupCreate column for gears according to PacFIN gears
getSeasonAdd a column to 'Pdata' for season.
getStateCreate a state field from 'source' for the 'data.frame'
PacFIN_ExampleSample PacFIN Run
PacFIN.UtilitiesPacFIN.Utilities: Functions for working up PacFIN biological...
paste.colUtility function.
plotCleanedPlot cleaned fishery age or length composition data.
plotRawDataDiagnostic plots and summaries for a raw PacFIN dataset...
StratifyCreate a vector of stratifications
writeCompsWrite out composition data formatted for Stock Synthesis.
XMPL.BDSExample PacFIN biological dataset to use with...
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