Man pages for nwfsc-assess/PacFIN.Utilities
Generate fishery composition data from PacFIN data for the NWFSC

capValuesDecrease all values greater than a maximum specified value.
Catch.XMPLSample dataset for Catch
checkGradeCheck Sample Numbers for Grade
checkLenAgeCalculate the von Bertanlaffy growth funciton and compare...
cleanAgesFilter samples for appropriate ages and agemethods.
cleanPacFINFilter PacFIN samples.
combineCalCOMCombine CalCOM and PacFIN data
convertlength_skateConvert Disc and Interspiracular Width to Length
doSexRatioAssign gender for unsexed fish in compiled Comp data.
EF1_DenominatorCalculate the denominator for the level-1 expansion factor.
EF1_NumeratorCalculate the numerator for the first level expansion factor.
find.matching.rowsFunction find.matching.rows
formatCatchFormat Catches from Long to Wide
getCompsAggregate composition data by length, age, or age-at-length...
getcomps_longCreate a Long Database to Prepare Compositions
getExpansion_1First level expansion for composition data to accout for...
getExpansion_2Expand PacFIN samples to Catch.
getGearGroupCreate column for gears according to PacFIN gears
getMedCalculate Category-Specific Medians
getSeasonAdd a column to 'Pdata' for season.
getStateCreate a state field from 'source' for the 'data.frame'
getunsexedsampsReturn Sample IDs That Did Not Sex Samples
getweightCalculate Weight From Parameters
getWLparsCalculate Weight-Length Relationship
leniqueNumber of Unique Entries A helper function that returns the...
PacFIN_ExampleSample PacFIN Run
PacFIN.UtilitiesPacFIN.Utilities: Functions for working up PacFIN biological...
paste.colUtility function.
plotCleanedPlot cleaned fishery age or length composition data.
plotRawDataDiagnostic plots and summaries for a raw PacFIN dataset...
plotStratPlot Length Distributions with Aged and All Fish
StratifyCreate a vector of stratifications
writeCompsWrite out composition data formatted for Stock Synthesis.
XMPL.BDSExample PacFIN biological dataset to use with...
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