Man pages for nxskok/d29data
Data used in course STAD29 at UTSC

airlinesFlights delayed and on time for 2 airlines and 5 airports
ancovaSample data for analysis of covariance
autonoiseAutomobile filter noise data
birthrateVital statistics by country
cancerOvary cancer and factors affecting survival
chainsawAngle of deflection of chainsaw kickback
covA correlation matrix
cubeA cube
curvyCurved relationship
dancingStill dancing?
dogsEffect of trimethaphan and morphine on histamine levels in...
drpEffect of reading activities on Degree of Reading Power...
ecgEffect of overweight and smoking on coronary heart disease
europeRoad distances between European cities
eyewearEyewear and gender
eyewear2Eyewear and gender
fertilizerEffect of fertilizer on seed yield and weight
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