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Calculate EDF Test Statistics for Goodness of Fit

a2Anderson-Darling A-squared statistic
baenDifferences in flood stages between two stations
beta_dataBeta-distributed data
blis.bBliss leghorn data series B
calc.statCalculate an EDF statistic
chenLethal dose of cinobufagin
circleData on a circle
dKolmogorov D statistic
dminusKolmogorov D- statistic
dmodModified D statistic
dplusKolmogorov D+ statistic
emeaHeights of maize plants
leghornLeghorn data
p.valEDF test statistic and P-value
p.val3EDF test statistic and P-value under case 3
pval.a2P-value for A-squared from table 4.2
pval.a2.norm3P-value for A-squared (unmodified) for normal case 3
pval.dP-value for D (modified) from table 4.2
pval.d.norm3P-value for D (unmodified) for normal case 3
p.val.tabTest statistics and P-values from table
pval.tabCase 0 P-value (interval) from test statistic, list of... statistics and table P-values for normality, parameters...
pval.u2P-value for U-squared (modified) from table 4.2
pval.u2.norm3P-value for U-squared (unmodified) for normal case 3
pval.vP-value for V (modified) from table 4.2
pval.v.norm3P-value for V (unmodified) for normal case 3
pval.w2P-value for W-squared (modified) from table 4.2
pval.w2.norm3P-value for W-squared (unmodified) for normal case 3
sim.statSimulate EDF statistics under Case 0
sim.stat.1One simulation of a test statistic from given distribution...
sim.stat3Simulate test statistics under case 3
sim.stat3.1One simulation of a test statistic from given distribution,...
test0Test statistics and P-values under case 0
test3Test statistics and P-values under case 3
u2Watson U-squared statistic
u2modModified U-squared statistic
vKuiper V statistic
vmodModified V statistic
w2Cramer-von Mises W-squared statistic
w2modModified W-squared statistic
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