Man pages for obiba/micar
'Mica' Data Web Portal Client

dot-append.rqlInsert some RQL statements to perform the query. TODO parse...
dot-as.rqlUtility method to build RQL atomic statement.
dot-authTokenConstructs the value for the Authorization header
dot-darDTOToDFMake a list of DataAccessRequest DTOs a data frame (applies...
dot-darStatusDTOToDFMake a list of StatusChange DTOs a data frame (applies to...
dot-extractLabelExtract label for locale. If not found, fallback to undefined...
dot-extractLabel2Extract label for locale. If not found, fallback to undefined...
dot-extractMicaSessionIdExtract micasid from cookie data frame.
dot-flattenFlatten a list hierarchy
dot-getIssues a GET request to mica for the specified resource
dot-handleResponseDefault request response handler.
dot-postIssues a POST form request to mica for the specified resource
dot-reportListMetricsDisplay search result metrics
dot-urlUtility method to build urls. Concatenates all arguments and...
dot-verboseVerbose flag
mica.darGet a data access request
mica.dar.actionsGet data access request actions
mica.dar.amendmentGet a amendment
mica.dar.amendment.formGet the data access request amendment form
mica.dar.amendment.historyGet amendment history
mica.dar.amendmentsGet amendments
mica.dar.amendments.historyGet amendments history
mica.dar.formGet the data access request form
mica.dar.historyGet data access request history
mica.darsGet the data access requests
mica.datasetsGet the datasets
mica.loginOpen connection with Mica
mica.logoutClose connection with Mica
mica.networksGet the networks
mica.studiesGet the studies the study data collection events the study populations
mica.taxonomiesGet the taxonomies
mica.variablesGet the variables
mica.vocabulariesGet the vocabularies
rqlNodeNew RQL node
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