Man pages for obrl-soil/em38
Process N38 binary files from EM38-MK2 sensors

em38-packageem38: Process N38 binary files from EM38-MK2 sensors
em38_pairReconcile locations of paired data
em38_spatialSpatialise EM38 data
get_condSignal to conductivity/inphase reading
get_loc_dataTranslate GPS data
get_tempSignal to temperature reading
gpgga_latGPGGA latitude
gpgga_longGPGGA longitude
n38_chunkSeparate message types
n38_decodeprocess chunked n38 data
n38_demoData: imported N38 track file
n38_importImport EM38 data
n38_to_m38output m38
n38_to_pointsImport and convert N38 logfiles to points
nmea_checkCalculate NMEA-0183 XOR checksum
process_calProcess calibration data
process_commentProcess comment data
process_fheaderProcess file header
process_gpggaProcess NMEA-0183 GPGGA messages
process_gpgsaProcess NMEA-0183 GPGSA messages
process_gpgsvProcess NMEA-0183 GPGSV messages
process_gprmcProcess NMEA-0183 GPRMC messages
process_gpvtgProcess NMEA-0183 GPVTG messages
process_nstatProcess new station data
process_readingProcess instrument reading data
process_slheaderProcess survey line header
process_timerProcess timer relation data
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