n38_demo: Data: imported N38 track file

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A dataset representing a track walked by a worker carrying an EM38-MK2 instrument connected to an Allegra-CX datalogger and GPS.




A matrix of raw bytes, 25 columns by 37249 rows, created by calling n38_import on system.file("extdata", "em38_demo.n38", package = "em38").


This dataset was recorded on a farm near Jondaryan, South East Queensland in March 2018 during a training exercise. The track mostly covered fallow ground but ventured into a mature sorghum crop for a few meters on the eastern edge. The logger recorded an EM reading every 0.2 seconds and a GPS reading every second. The EM38 instrument was properly calibrated for quad-phase readings but may not have been for in-phase. The intent of the exercise was to measure soil water content. The soil type at this location is a Black Vertosol under the Australian Soils Classification (Isbell, 2002).

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