RACER 1.0.0

This is the first release of RACER


RACER has three major classes of functions

(1) A formatting function. formatRACER; this function takes association data as an input and formats it to be compatible with downstream functions

(2) A function for pulling linkage disequilibirum data. ldRACER; this function uses rs IDs from the input data to query the 1000G phase III data for a lead SNP, either specified or the most significant SNP in the input data and it's proxies.

(3) Three functions for plotting your data:

# (A) singlePlotRACER; this function makes a plot of one set of association data.
# (B) scatterPlotRACER; this function makes a scatter plot, with p-values from two different studies on the x- and y-axes.
# (C) mirrorPlotRACER; this function makes a mirror plot, composed of one inverted association plot and one standard association plot, stacked on top of one another, comparing the two associations.

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